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was born on November 4, 1968 in Prague. In 1990, he married Mirjam Müller, who is originally from Germany. Together they are raising three daughters: Anastázie (1998) and twins, Roxana and Rozálie (2003). In 1988, he graduated from the Music and Drama Department of the Prague Conservatory, but has worked as an actor only occasionally.
He acted in the Czech movies, “Proc” (“Why”), “Cerní baroni” (“Black Barons”),and in the German series, “Alles ausser Mord” for the PRO7 TV channel.

Music forms the foundation of Landa’s work. Daniel Landa is not only a well-known singer, he also composes music and writes librettos and lyrics. As early as 1987, he founded the band “Orlík”, with David Matásek. In 1992, he started his solo career with the album, “Valcík” (“Waltz”), followed by numerous other albums: (1994) – “Chcíply dobrý víly” (“Good Fairies Perished”), (1997) – “Pozdrav z fronty” (“Greetings from the Front”), (1998) – “Smrtihlav” (“Death’s Head”), (1999) – “Konec” (“The End”), (2000) – “Best of LANDA”, (2002) – “9mm argumentu” (“9mm Argument”), (2003) – “Vltava Tour”. He has received countless Gold and Platinum albums and in 2000 was pronounced by EMI as “the most successful Czech songwriter of the last ten years”. “Neofolk”, his last produced album, released by Sony Music in October 2004, was elected Best-selling Album of the Year by IFPI. At the end of 2004, a recording of his benefit concert, “Vecer s písní Karla Kryla pro ceský národ” (“An Evening with Karel Kryl’s Songs for the Czech Nation”) was released on to the market. Landa’s interpretation of Kryl’s song, “Morituri Te Salutant”, was selected as Hit of the Year 2004. He also released a recording of the “Boure (“Storm”) 2005” concerts on CD and DVD. Daniel Landa was twice voted Silver Nightingale in the public contest for the most popular singer.

In 1996, with his wife Mirjam Müller-Landa, he wrote the script and music for the cult musical, “Krysař”(“The Rat-catcher”), which was also staged in Austria and Slovakia. In 2002, “Krysař”, referred to as a “cult phenomenon”, was relaunched in a second premiere, but without Daniel Landa in the role of Krysař. The musical was re-rehearsed and the Kalich Theatre presented it in 100 exclusive performances. Another production for the musical stage was the musical drama, “Tajemství” (“Secret”), which premiered at the Kalich Theatre in March 2005.

In addition to lyrics, Daniel writes screenplays. The screenplay, “Zvláštní schopnosti” (“Extraordinary Abilities”), was used in a movie production. Landa also composes music for theatrical performances, TV films (“Ex offo”) and films e.g. in 2002, “Udelení milosti se zamítá” (“Granting of Pardon Denied”) and, in 2001, “Gambit”, for which he received the “Zlaté ovladace” Award (“Golden Remote Controls”) in the “TV film – music” category.

However, Daniel Landa is not only involved in music. Since 1996, he has successfully competed in Autocross on a professional level – reaching 6th position in Europe. In 1998, he finished 6th in the European Autocross Championships. In 1999, he was elected “Newcomer of the Season” among truck racers, and in 2000 he finished in 5th position in the European Championships in Truck Racing. In 2001, Dan left his truck racing career and started driving a car in Rally races. He currently drives in the N4 Rally racing category.

In 2003, he recreated Mozart’s “Requiem” as a new form of “Rockquiem” (premiered on August 3, 2003 at Obecní dum in Prague). Part of the proceeds from this project were donated to the Nadace Malina (Raspberry Foundation), established in 2003 by Daniel Landa and Roman Kresta to promote accident prevention and road safety. Its goal is to prevent crisis situations on our roads. Five movies were created under the auspices of Nadace Malina, with Daniel Landa directly participating in their production – “Bourá jen blb” (“Only a Idiot Crashes”) – for all drivers, “Auto je zbran” (“The Car is a Weapon”) – for graduates of driving schools, and the films for children, “Bezpecná cesta” (Safe Road), “Cervený blesk” (Red Lighting) and “Soutež” (Competition).

Landa participated in the feature film, “Kvaska”, as Producer, actor and composer of the music and lyrics. The movie premiered on 22nd February 2007. In the same year, with Mirjam Landa, he co-produced the live action show, “Hell with Landa”, for the Internet TV “Stream”. As a respected artist and sportsman, Daniel Landa and invited experts offered five men the opportunity of drastically changing their lives.
In 2008, he was involved as a composer in Desire, a musical loosely based on the movie, Kvaska. In collaboration with the National Theatre in Brno in the construction of the Mahen Theatre, he launched a musical drama, The Secret of the Golden Dragon, in which he played the role of Mercurio for two seasons, collaborated on the scenario and composed the musical score.

In June 2009, he released his long-awaited 13th solo album, Nigredo.

At the end of 2009, Daniel prepared a series of short “reportages” for his fans, which were broadcast on the TV Stream under the title of The Blog of Daniel Landa. The intention of the blog was to provide a peek into Dan’s real life with special focus on his favourite activities – adrenalin sport and music. Thanks to the blog, viewers could visit Rally Bohemia with Dan, dive with tiger sharks and get a backstage glimpse of the musical, The Secret of the Golden Dragon and other shows.

One of the sections of the blog also took us to preparations for the exclusive concert, Darkly Romantic Evening with Daniel Landa, which was held on 7th December 2009. Here Dan Landa unconventionally introduced himself in the formal environment of the Kalich Theatre accompanied by an acoustic band. The concert was extraordinarily successful.

In April 2010, in collaboration with the Slovakian organisation, Nitrianski rytieri, a unique concert by Landa was staged in Nitra. This event, Daniel Landa for Nitra, also continued into the following day, during which Daniel discussed drug issues with students.

In 2010, with his wife, Mirjam, Daniel Landa wrote the film script for Touch the Rainbow, which was subsequently more concisely renamed: TACHO. In this movie, he stars in the main role of racing driver, Alex Bold. He also composed all the music for the movie, which was later released as a soundtrack. The premiere of TACHO was on 2nd December 2010.


  • Miloš Frýba for president (OI!) 1990
  • Demise 1991


  • Valčík 1993
  • Chcíply dobrý víly 1995
  • Pozdrav z fronty 1997
  • Smrtihlav 1998
  • Konec 1999
  • Best of: Landa 2000
  • 9mm argumentů 2002
  • Vltava tour 2003 (také DVD)
  • Neofolk 2004
  • Bouře 2005 (také DVD)
  • Kvaska soundtrack 2007
  • “Nigredo” 2009
  • TACHO soundtrack 2010


  • Švédská trojka (Tři sestry) píseň Večerníček 1993
  • Dracula (muzikál) několik písní z role Drákuly 1995
  • Citová investice (Hapka a Horáček) písně Citová investice, Králíček azurit 1997
  • Médium (Kurtizány z 25. avenue) píseň Alzheimer č. 505 2002
  • Strážce Plamene (Hapka a Horáček) písně Díkuvzdání, Otevřete okno, aby duše mohla ven 2006


  • Krysař I účinkující z muzikálu 1996
  • Krysař II účinkující z muzikálu 1996
  • Krysař - Kult se vrací nově nazpíváno 2002
  • Rockquiem 2003
  • Tajemství 2005 (také DVD)
  • “Desire” 2008
  • “The Secret of the Golden Dragon” 2008
Daniel Landa


  • Případ Kolman 1986
  • Copak je to za vojáka (desátníka) 1987
  • Proč? (jako Pavel) 1987
  • Kainovo znamení (jako Albín) 1989
  • Jen o rodinných záležitostech (jako dozorce) 1990
  • Tichá bolest (jako Vrábel) 1990
  • Černí Baroni (jako svobodník Halík) 1992
  • Alles Außer Mord: Tödlicher Irrtum (TV) 1996
  • Temná komora
  • Třetí patro a několika dalších
  • Kvaska 2007
  • TACHO 2010


  • Jó ulice
  • Holka magor
  • Přízraky
  • Na obzoru ani mrak ani loď
  • Motýlek
  • Třista z místa
  • Ztracení hoši
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  • Včera mě někdo...
  • Vltava
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